Research Leader

Jesús Campos

Postdoctoral Researchers

Sonia Bajo

I studied Chemistry at the University of Valladolid. Then I moved to the University of Zaragoza and  joined the group of Prof. Miguel Angel Esteruelas to work on the preparation and characterisation of organometallic and inorganic compounds and on the study of their reactivity toward organic molecules obtaining a PhD Distinction. After that, I moved to the UK as a postdoctoral researcher joining the group of Dr. David Nelson in the Department of Pure & Applied Chemistry at the University of Strathclyde. My research there focused on the study of fundamental processes in cross-coupling nickel catalysis using organometallic chemistry and spectroscopic methods. Back to Spain I joined the group of  Prof. Miguel Angel Esteruelas again to work on the synthesis of iridium complexes and their application as OLEDs. Now at sunny Sevilla, besides being a postdoc, she has recently been declared the group party/festivities organizer.

Miquel Navarro

I studied Chemistry at the Universitat de Barcelona where I obtained my MSc in Inorganic Chemistry in 2013 under Dr. Arnald Grabulosa’s supervision. Then I moved to Switzerland for graduate studies under the supervision of Prof. Martin Albrecht at Universität Bern. I completed my PhD thesis in 2017 on the development of new Electronically Flexible Ligands for Transition Metal Catalysis. The thesis was later awarded the best PhD thesis price for the Universität Bern. In 2018 I joined Dr. Didier Bourissou group at Laboratoire Hétérochemie Fondamentale et Appliquée in Toulouse as postdoctoral fellow thanks to an Early Postdoc Mobility fellowship from the Swiss National Science Foundation, working on ligand design for Au(I)/Au(III) chemistry. In 2020, I have joined Dr. Jesus Campos group as Juan de la Cierva fellow to work on Frustrated Lewis Pairs based on Transition Metals for the activation of small molecules.

Rosie Somerville

After getting my MSc in Prof. John Spencer’s group at Victoria University of Wellington, I decided to move from New Zealand to the other side of the planet – to Tarragona, Spain – to do my PhD in the group of Prof. Ruben Martin. After working on understanding the mechanisms of nickel-catalysed reactions developed by the Martin group, I joined the Campos group as a postdoc in March 2020 to work on combining transition metals with heavier group 14 elements to obtain cooperative reactivity.

PhD students

Marina Pérez Jiménez (shared with Prof. Carmona)

I graduated in Chemistry in 2016, obtaining the University of Sevilla Extraordinary Prize. The following year I completed my Master Thesis on Organometallic Chemistry and Homogeneous Catalysis and in late 2017 I was awarded a FPU Fellowship to conduct my PhD studies under the supervision of Jesús Campos and Ernesto Carmona. I am currently enjoying the beauty and friskiness of multiply bonded dimolibdenum complexes.

Juan Miranda (Juanín)

I am working on my PhD thesis in the Organometallic Chemistry and Homogeneous Catalysis group in a thrilling project based on intercluster and supramolecular chemistry since January 2017. I was previously associated to the Mechanochemistry and Materials Reactivity group for my End of Degree project (Chemistry Degree) and my Master Thesis (Master Degree in Materials Science).


Nereida Hidalgo Reinoso

I am a third-year PhD student, loving the craziness of Organometallic Chemistry. I am currently developing Frustrated Lewis Pairs based on Transition Metals for the activation of small molecules.

Macarena González Alférez 

I am a Chemistry graduate from the University of Sevilla, currently a first-year PhD student working on Frustrated Lewis Pairs based on Transition Metals for bond activation and catalysis applications. I previously carried out my Masters project (TFM) in the group, also working with TM-FLPs.

Emmanuel Serrano Díez 

I am working on my PhD thesis in the project Cooperative Catalysts Transition Metals – Main Group Element: To a New Catalysis Paradigm (CoopMix). I carried out my Masters project in the Organic Chemistry group of the University of Cadiz working on the synthesis of bioactive hybrid molecules using novel ruthenium catalysts.

Marta Fernández Buenestado 

I am a Chemistry graduate from the University of Zaragoza, where I also obtained my Master’s degree in Molecular Chemistry and Homogeneous Catalysis. Currently, I am in my first year of PhD working both experimentally and computationally with cooperative organometallic complexes based on transition metals and main group elements.


JUAN JOSÉ MORENO DÍAZ (PhD Feb 2019) –  Currently a postdoc at the University of Virginia in the group of Charles Machan.