Postdoctoral position

Developing cooperative Transition Metal/Main Group Systems for Catalysis

Institute for Chemical Research (IIQ)

CSIC-University of Sevilla (Spain)

Principal Investigator: Jesús Campos

Expected incorporation: September-October 2019 (although flexible)

This postdoctoral position will be funded by an ERC Starting Grant awarded to Dr. Jesús Campos. The main idea will be developing novel cooperative designs that exploit the reactivity of transition metals and main group elements in close proximity. The candidate will perform reactivity studies towards small molecule activation to identify potential targets to be implemented into catalytic cycles. Strong focus will be given to the analysis of the cooperative mechanisms by which we foresee these systems to operate. See our latest publications to see related research.

The post-doc will join an interdisciplinary project and will work closely with members of other teams focused on a variety of cooperative designs. He/she will be responsible for synthesizing ligands and complexes, carrying out structural characterization and reactivity studies and exploring potential catalytic cycles.

Skills. The ideal candidate will have a proven track record in organometallic chemistry. Experience in both transition metal and main group chemistry will be useful. The candidate must have expertise in the characterization of new compounds by spectroscopic techniques and in the analysis of reaction mechanisms. 

Institution and Facilities. Research will take place at the Institute for Chemical Research (IIQ), a joint research unit supported by the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and the University of Sevilla. More details about facilities and instrumentation can be found at our group website (

Conditions. The position is funded by an ERC Starting Grant project. The monthly salary will be competitive and will depend on candidate’s experience. The initial contract will be for one year with possible extensions.

To apply. Please send your cover letter and CV, along with the contact information of three referees to Jesús Campos ()